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Treat yourself to an easy move and protect your valuables

Our ladies can help you organise the kitchen, make the beds, set up the kids rooms, organise the living and dining rooms, put away the books, DVD's, toys etc. It will give you peace of mind and help you settle into your new home very quickly.

Crockery, kitchenware and other delicate items can easily damage during a move. Our packers will wrap and pack them and label the boxes to ensure everything is ready for when the movers arrive.

Our affordable packing service will save you time to get on with other important duties and free you up to look after other more important things like family, business and health.

A typical house pack can involve 60-80 boxes in addition to the furniture. This can take days and not only involves a significant amount of exertion, but can also be extremely stressful.

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Our home packing service is tailored to suit your requirements. All bookings are a minimum of 2 packing ladies for 4 hours, and if you require additional hours you can request it on the day. The reason we offer our service as a standard package of 2 ladies for 4 hours is because in this time it allows our packers to focus on the areas with the most breakables and fragile items - so the kitchen and living room. During a house pack, our packers can generally pack 4-5 boxes per person per hour so it is a good idea to have at least 30 boxes and 10kg of wrapping paper on hand.


Your kitchen items and all your vases, picture frames, ornaments and glass objects are the most likely to get broken during a move. When packing a house, these should be individually wrapped and carefully placed in moving boxes in case they get dropped or move around in the removal truck. Our price is extremely cost-effective and fair compared to all other packing companies.


As we are also part of the Hire A Box and Hire A Mover group of companies, you get to benefit by having one point of contact for all your home relocation needs. You don't have to deal with 3 or 4 separate companies when you move, saving you a whole bunch of stress and miscommunication