Terms and Conditions

Hire A Packer Terms and Conditions

  • Hire A Mover offers packing and unpacking services under the brand name Hire A Packer as part of its’ complete moving service.
  • These services are available at a minimum of 2 persons for 4 hours. The normal hourly rate per person per hour is $50 including GST. For whatever hours you book upfront, there is no refund available if the packers finish early what you have requested of them.
  • There is no guarantee as to the amount of packing/unpacking work undertaken in the specified time. Generally each packers can pack/unpack 4-6 boxes per hour.
  • Should you request additional hours on the day, this will be billed to your credit card at the time of requesting the additional hours.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you have adequate boxes and packaging material (we recommend 1 kg of butchers paper for every 4 boxes). In a typical 4 hour session, you should have at least 40 boxes available (a combination of book cartons and tea chest boxes) along with 3 rolls of packaging tape, 10kg of butchers paper and 15 metres of bubble wrap.
  • If bookings are cancelled within 24 hours of the booked start time, there will be no refund on the payment made, you will still pay the full rate. Should our packers be unable to gain access to the property on the day or there is some form of dispute/disagreement on-site with the parties inside the house, the packers will leave the property and you will still be charged the full rate.
  • Hire A Packer nor Hire A Mover will not be responsible for any damage or loss of items related to our packing or unpacking services. If you have any jewellery or valuable items of concern to you, we recommend you pack and store these items and not have our packers pack them for you.